How to start with Nginx

Nginx logoBefore you start reading this, I would like to warn you about that I am not going to give to very technical background. I only want to talk about my humble experience with nginx.

A month ago, my boss asked me to learn nginx which I had no clue what it was. Actually he told me “You gotta better learn this as soon as possible. I super do not care how you do it and I am not going to baby sit for you or hold your hand. Because a real programmer have to learn this shit. If you can not you should better quit while you have a chance”. Yes that was the exact sentence. Of course I was desperate and freaked out, started studying immediately.
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OMG someone actually read my blog!

Ok the title of this post looks bit pathetic but I could not find any other sentence then this which reflects how I feel. As I said on my previous posts I have not started to write in here because I hoped I would have thousands of followers who will read my craps on a regular basis. It was simply my motivation and getting back and be able to play with the words around a little bit again. And I am happy so far what I have achieved. Although wordpress is trying to put a pressure on me with showing poped up windows “yey you have 3 articles posted. Five to go!!! Heleuyaaa” plus the tips that has titles such as “how to make your blog popular” or “how to earn money from your blog”.

I mean for God sake. I am writing this blog so I can relax because I do not have enough patient to do yoga or I am too lazy to go to gym. Why you are giving me unnecessary hopes that will make me eventually paranoiac and hysterical person. Wordpress you are definitely not supporting my emotional state. Anyway I tried to keep it strong and hold myself in a strong and stable position which I am quite proud about.
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I think I am in love with Murakami

Kafka on the shoreHave I ever mentioned that I love reading books. I used to be a book pig, read tons of books during the long summer school holidays instead of chasing(well literally waiting) boys and try to get one summer love and tell the story with full pride to the friends.

No, my side was actually quite boring. Not that I find it boring bu seems like no one was interested with my love with Balzac, Victor Hugo, Charlotte Bronte, Paulo Coelho stories. So I stop telling them or try to share my passione with other people. Instead whenever I finish a book, I lied down on a comfortable couch, while holding the recently finished book tight on my chest, I felt the chocolate ice cream taste. Thought about the characters in the book and try to imagine what happened to them after I finish reading the last page.

I loved the feeling of nothingness but the story while I read the book. Isolated from everything else, being trapped in the pages.Drilling curiosity about the next page or next chapter almost insanely painful not to be able to read for a while.
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Why man should not watch football at home?

Ok after reading the title, according to you gender I can hear either applauses or shoos’s. But simply I will continue saying what I believe.

No frigging way… Here is the very common scenario. You are coming home(its double bitch especially if it is Monday), tired, hungry and seeking the secure feeling of your place. As soon as you open the front door, this ear-scratching commentator’s sound is hitting you like a cold shower. The volume is extremely high that before you get into the house, you want to jump straight from the balcony skipping living room. But with the yet unresolved woman strength you are trying to put a smile on your face, acting cool and expecting some understanding that will come from the other side.
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What is my problem?!!

Ok I kinda feel weird about writing whatever I want. I used to be a diary freak. I was updating my private diary pages like facebook wall bunch of unnecessary and unrelated details about myself. Considering that in those times facebook was not exist so it was a survival need for me. This went like that until I found out my mum is going through my diaries with her cup of coffe and cigarette enjoying like reading Bridget Jones diary. You see no-private life whatsoever. It is almost worse then the theory of your mum is a hacker and breaking through your facebook account. I was keep wondering, how come I was keep getting into troubles and she was finding them out.
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Yes the journey started hey!! What was that word…Ohh “Oisashiburi”

Hi there,

I am not expecting that you are going to keep reading this “oh this is my life, welcome passenger” craps. And I promise I am not going to show any makeup tricks, saving or earning more money dreams, how to be a good partner or better sex positions etc even tips for getting you a reputation as “ohh you sick bastard” (can be other way around) “gosh you are dirty slut”. I swear to God that my English is not going to follow any grammar rules, it can be meaningless bunch of words you might want to hit your head on a wall and smash your skull. I of course do not mind if you come back here and there to check what this psychopathic person wrote about again.
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