Yes the journey started hey!! What was that word…Ohh “Oisashiburi”

Hi there,

I am not expecting that you are going to keep reading this “oh this is my life, welcome passenger” craps. And I promise I am not going to show any makeup tricks, saving or earning more money dreams, how to be a good partner or better sex positions etc even tips for getting you a reputation as “ohh you sick bastard” (can be other way around) “gosh you are dirty slut”. I swear to God that my English is not going to follow any grammar rules, it can be meaningless bunch of words you might want to hit your head on a wall and smash your skull. I of course do not mind if you come back here and there to check what this psychopathic person wrote about again.

I can classified myself in the semi normal semi weird category human being, whose got desires, dreams, breaking points, dead ends, secrets, love(even in a pathetic level. Ok I skip this part),friends, disappointments and joyful moments. Just one thing that I am not going to give the summary of my life(as if thats what you expect). I am going to bitch about work mainly, tell you how my 40ish boss is a total wanker , how much I want to be a game developer but do not fucking get to understand any of it that doesnt matter how hard I try,or how bitch my friend was the other day when we want out and she dump me middle of a night and hooked up with some random dush-bag, while I was standing with a beer can in the middle of a rod 3pm, trying to act cool, and I am studying Japanese during my commuting hours on the train and wanna puke after 40 days later still can not remember the word “Oisashiburi”.Yeah anyway you got the point.

Hoolly… Got a go. Otherwise will be late for the work.. I have no idea where this journey gunna take me. Ohh well. Thanks for the patience anyway.


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