What is my problem?!!

Ok I kinda feel weird about writing whatever I want. I used to be a diary freak. I was updating my private diary pages like facebook wall bunch of unnecessary and unrelated details about myself. Considering that in those times facebook was not exist so it was a survival need for me. This went like that until I found out my mum is going through my diaries with her cup of coffe and cigarette enjoying like reading Bridget Jones diary. You see no-private life whatsoever. It is almost worse then the theory of your mum is a hacker and breaking through your facebook account. I was keep wondering, how come I was keep getting into troubles and she was finding them out.

Anyway long story short, since then I am not even writing personal sticky notes. Not being able to really open yourself or talkative is not really helping the scenario either. At the end somehow I ended up writing these posts. I wonder how long I am going to keep continue. Ok why I have started writing after such a long time. If you are curios about that here is your answer. There are hundreds of ideas, questions, thoughts, projects,swears in my mind. Most of the time I am pretty good at controlling those dangerous tiny bugs from interrupting my daily life routine which means I can continue my life like a normal person. At least from outside. However they have their own peak times which is totally out of control. Then I want to punch random people on the street from the face(sometimes balls). Its like having period x 10 times worse.


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