I think I am in love with Murakami

Kafka on the shoreHave I ever mentioned that I love reading books. I used to be a book pig, read tons of books during the long summer school holidays instead of chasing(well literally waiting) boys and try to get one summer love and tell the story with full pride to the friends.

No, my side was actually quite boring. Not that I find it boring bu seems like no one was interested with my love with Balzac, Victor Hugo, Charlotte Bronte, Paulo Coelho stories. So I stop telling them or try to share my passione with other people. Instead whenever I finish a book, I lied down on a comfortable couch, while holding the recently finished book tight on my chest, I felt the chocolate ice cream taste. Thought about the characters in the book and try to imagine what happened to them after I finish reading the last page.

I loved the feeling of nothingness but the story while I read the book. Isolated from everything else, being trapped in the pages.Drilling curiosity about the next page or next chapter almost insanely painful not to be able to read for a while.

I also never had a specific taste, just respected the power of a good story. You know sometimes people tell you “Oh I cannot waste my time with such a no sense, waste books”. Just want to punch them in the face at that point. I actually do not respect to the people who treats the book only for “pure information source” and give shit about the others who prefers to enjoy the moment and be somewhere else. For instance I am so proud about saying “I LOVED HARRY POTTER”. Read them over and over again. The main reason my love for Harry Potter is probably respect to J.K Rowling. She wrote those books with such a delicate intersections. Everything joins so smoothly throughout the entire serious. She also has an amazing talent about taking the reader with her and carrying until the end without letting them go. I have seen only few writers that has this ability which as a person I want to be (literally in the book, in the story)there. Does not matter there are bad guys involved or I am gunna die at the end(not that I prefer to die at the end)  Yeah anyway, J.K Rowling one of those rare writers I am deeply in love with.

Unfortunately last few years my reading rate has been dropped or even gone to zero. Although I should admit even though it sometimes bothered me, did not really care about it. However last few months I am high fiving myself because “I am back”. And the guy who saved my life is Haruki Murakami. After a very long long long time later I have found another writer that makes me feel, I am in a everything 99% off jewelry house. Today I have finished his second book “Kafka on the Shore” and the first book I read(which is the most famous one) “Norwegian Woods”. I do not want to give away so many things if you havent read Murakami before. He is like an icy water that goes down on your throat after lying on the beach under sun for a few hours. Then he makes you even more thirsty. In my opinion he is so damn provocative. You are just questioning every taboo, and it can be so daily and simple things you do not actually mind or pay any attention whatsoever.

I think I am deeply in love with Murakami and looking forward to read his next book. Actually I am quite unsure about which one to go with? Any recommendations? Some people say “hard boiled wonderland and end of the world” is the best some says “dance dance dance”. I also love to discuss about the “Kafka on the Shore” because once I have finished the book it shook me a lot and left thousands of questions in my mind such as….

Ok No more ruin. I wont tell you anything before you read it.

I am definitely in love……..



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