OMG someone actually read my blog!

Ok the title of this post looks bit pathetic but I could not find any other sentence then this which reflects how I feel. As I said on my previous posts I have not started to write in here because I hoped I would have thousands of followers who will read my craps on a regular basis. It was simply my motivation and getting back and be able to play with the words around a little bit again. And I am happy so far what I have achieved. Although wordpress is trying to put a pressure on me with showing poped up windows “yey you have 3 articles posted. Five to go!!! Heleuyaaa” plus the tips that has titles such as “how to make your blog popular” or “how to earn money from your blog”.

I mean for God sake. I am writing this blog so I can relax because I do not have enough patient to do yoga or I am too lazy to go to gym. Why you are giving me unnecessary hopes that will make me eventually paranoiac and hysterical person. Wordpress you are definitely not supporting my emotional state. Anyway I tried to keep it strong and hold myself in a strong and stable position which I am quite proud about.

Surprisingly I went to work this morning and check my email(first thing first). I have seen couple of emails from wordpress. I remember before reading the contents of the email I blink at the screen and look as dumest as possible. I even remember thinking,”OMG should not have swear at them last night, they must have received complains, or magically heard me through the computer”(I am really good at creating idiotic conspiracy theories until I find my proper logic). Then I actually starting to read what those emails are about. Some people out there actually read my post and (this is the best part) even liked it.  Holly sweat David Beckham. My head was spinning and I had to check the emails over and over again to be sure that they were not spams. I do not know is there anyone out there who likes receiving spams but I hate them in a extra large scale. Seriously, if I am actually getting appropriate spams I will respect or maybe even have a chance to open them simply because of the curiosity. But all I am getting is “penis enlargement samples”, “enlargement pills”, “being small is not a fate” sort of thing.

Anyway lets get back to subject. When I’ve seen some people actually spare some time to read my post and even liked it, I felt like someone was pumping air to my chest as if it was a flat tyre. I looked like, just had a boobs job from the pride that I felt.

Ok Last I really would like to thank you to people who bothered to read these craps.

Have a good one to all you out there


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