The problem with foreigners

on predictability.Please know that so many of us are trying.

ileThe problem with foreigners.

via The problem with foreigners.


Please read this article. I think it is really well written and so true.


Another I quit smoking story

smoking woman

I know the title probably boring if you are a person who never smoked. However if you ever touch that shit(!) you know what I am talking about. Whatever I am going to tell in here, is simply going to be very short story of  what I have been going through. It will never reach the limit of describing complete comprehension of what exactly I felt and feeling. But at he end this is a blog I write as a diary so you are free go click on the x button to close this window and wonder around there for another story or keep reading my craps. Continue reading

I want to punch this cat and test whether she has 9 lifes

I do not now who is this woman.(Ok admit, after I saw the video I looked and learned who she is and absolutely wasted my 3 precious minutes) It is pretty embarrassing, she put herself this situation in order to get some attention. You know what is worse? She cannot even act like a cat..

I love living in Japan – part1

Yeah maybe never mentioned before but I live in Japan and I absolutely love here. Japan is a special place on earth, that holds its unique spirit stronger than any other nation or country. From the first day I came here up until now, it still mesmerizing me somehow, whereas you would expect to get used to living in here and the facts after 2 years later right!!? No… every single day it adds up the appreciation of being able to live in here.
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Photos from Australia

I am not a great photographer but really enjoyed to freeze the moment in my lens. Last year I bought a Nikon 3100 and really happy with my choice. These are the photos from my Australia trip last Xmas. I actually never shared them, because I took them while I was making this web site for Tostaree Cottages. Continue reading

My throat feels like a sand paper. Missing my mum

From the title it is so obvious that I am sick. Sick in a level that I could not go to work after a long time. I mean I supposed to be happy at least the fact that I have a reasonable job says “hey if you are that sick do not bother to come, so you would not spread your viruses to us either.” Which is fine by me however you always expect a special attention when you are sick. With some people it can be quite annoying. Because they are the most unbearable people to be around. Continue reading

Red Lipstick Incident


Last Sunday, after spending my whole weekend nerding front of the computer but not achieving that much thing, I felt like I had to get out and do something. My bf told me our friend invited us to watch football(yeah again!) in the pub. Because of my “I have to get out of the house” situation, I have accepted. We actually had a nice  walk to the pub, chat random stuff and enjoyed the nice, warm weather. When we get there, I realized that the pub was packed(I mean packed. Like morning commute trains). They were also charging 30 bucks to “get in” there. Continue reading