Red Lipstick Incident


Last Sunday, after spending my whole weekend nerding front of the computer but not achieving that much thing, I felt like I had to get out and do something. My bf told me our friend invited us to watch football(yeah again!) in the pub. Because of my “I have to get out of the house” situation, I have accepted. We actually had a nice  walk to the pub, chat random stuff and enjoyed the nice, warm weather. When we get there, I realized that the pub was packed(I mean packed. Like morning commute trains). They were also charging 30 bucks to “get in” there.

Hold on a sec.. I am not against watching sport in a nice atmosphere while enjoying my beer. However I am not in the stage to pay 30 bucks for getting in a place which is canned sardine style, breathing the testosterone in the air instead of oxygen. So I told the others I have changed my mind, I will go and do some shopping while they are watching the football. This is sort of curse because I am a claustrophobic. I cannot handle the places where you have to act like as if you are playing rugby. Surprisingly my bf did not give any hint that he was actually disappointed by my decision. Fair enough..

Anyhow, I made my way to the closest shopping mall and start to walk around. Having small heart-attacks here and there when I accidentally take a look at the price tags. As usual.. You know thats shopping. You would start the journey with a very determined level of state about not to spend so much money. Act like a good and smart girl first half an hour(Ok I will give the credit some people can hold even an hour) and get away from the dangerous scenes while your mind is still in “what if I cannot find something as much as I like that one” and “I am so proud of myself that I did not pay that much money for this crap” dilemma. Finally you would come to your destiny of horror and without even realizing it, you would leave the place with bunch of things that actually, you will never use. feeling sorry and guilty you would try to get away from the scene as soon as possible.

Ok I am sure, I did not have to analyse the common scenario but just want to go through to prove that I had been in exactly same path as above. When I was leaving the last place with a bag, I was trying to comfort myself by saying “you are a working women and deserve to spend some money for yourself. I am sure you will find an appropriate time and place to use these things.” Ahh… even thinking about it still giving me headaches.

Probably the highlight of the items, I bought in there was a firey red lipstick. Ok some people might say “OMG great buy girl”. Nope. First I never ever had a red lipstick not even a lipstick whole in my life. I have my lip balms and shiny colorless stuff but not a lip stick. I have found it always something which does not suits me. I look like professional transexuals when I tried them on and take them out as soon as I have seen my self front of the mirror.

The red lip stick incident is also started with a another desperate try “ohh maybeeee this time I will look good. Lets try something natural… HIMMmmmmMM”. While my mind was having the conversation above I was already holding the brightest read lip stick in the section and slowly approaching to my lips. It was like a horror movie with slow motion. When I finished, I was scared to look in the mirror straight away instead started to stroll in the shop for a while until I found the courage to go back there again(I was covering my face with my hair so no one can see the transexual vampire in the shop). Ok I do not want to describe how I felt when I see my reflection because that horrifying moment was interrupt by a sale girl with the most annoying voice “may I help you”. Yeah I want to suck your blood from your that tiny neck.. As soon as she saw my lips with sunset effect, she had this expression clearly saying “I am not sure they should let you into the society like that!!”. Well that was my final point, I smiled the girl with my sexy red color lips and said, Ohh I would like to buy this one please. I do not need to say that it was actually the most expensive lip stick in the entire store. Well that was my “red lipstick incident”

If anyone is looking a transexual vampire role for their movie, I am willing to act for free. At least my “expensive lipstick” won`t be waste for good.

Stay safe…


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