Photos from Australia

I am not a great photographer but really enjoyed to freeze the moment in my lens. Last year I bought a Nikon 3100 and really happy with my choice. These are the photos from my Australia trip last Xmas. I actually never shared them, because I took them while I was making this web site for Tostaree Cottages.

Give me thumbs up if you like them because I already feel nervous and not so confident about my skills. You are also welcome to give me some tips about how to improve myself.

This was a very aggressive alpacca. Could not get any closer because it started chasing me. And all image of cool nature photographer has been ruined while I was running away from it with full speed without looking behind.

This is the lake near the Tostaree cottages.

Lake next to tostaree cottages

This is just a try. Looks cool hey!!

You cannot think Australia without healthy looking sheep. They were perfect

This is the camping spot where we stayed almost 3 days. Perfect for fishing although I was not that lucky.

I took this in Lakes Entrance when we went there for fish and chips.

I love taking photos of birds. I wish had better relationship with them to convince me for a better pose.

This photo is my favorite. Kookaburras are everywhere in Australia. They are quite big and beautiful. Has their own unique voice.



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