I love living in Japan – part1

Yeah maybe never mentioned before but I live in Japan and I absolutely love here. Japan is a special place on earth, that holds its unique spirit stronger than any other nation or country. From the first day I came here up until now, it still mesmerizing me somehow, whereas you would expect to get used to living in here and the facts after 2 years later right!!? No… every single day it adds up the appreciation of being able to live in here.

Personally I have many reason to love this country but the most important one probably “safety”. Yes although Tokyo is one of the most crowded cities in the world, it is also the safest one in my opinion. I should admit that I am so spoiled in here. Two years ago’s paranoiac girl become so relax, now I am worried that something will happen to me wherever else outside of Japan I go. For instance I have not locked my front door for ages. I used to walk while holding my bag close to my chest until I come here, now I see the items hang in a tree branch, or left side of the walk in a plastic bag, generally with a note attach to it “please take care”.

I lost my mobile phone, got it back same day from a police. Once I left my wallet in a restaurant, got that back too. With all the money and cards in it. In japan if you loose something, more likely you will get it back because people are honest and reliable. For a woman being able to live in a safe place is absolutely luxury. And I am enjoying with this rare opportunity.

The other reason probably the ACTION. I mean city is alive. Does not sleep, does not get tired. It is 24 hours and 7 days. The nigh clubs, cafes, parks, convene stores, schools, salary man and woman, restaurants,cinemas, shopping centers… If you try to catch the city believe me you will eventually get tired and collapse. When you get your momentum with Tokyo it is almost impossible to stop again.

Even Tokyo city is covered with building and skyscrapers as far as your eyes can see, still the green is everywhere. You can see how japanese government is sensitive about that. There are parks and gardens almost every corner, trees along the side road. Moreover this sensitivity is shared by citizens too. Every balcony has its own plants, all these small houses has their own miniature jungles front of them. People green as well as the city. They enjoy their surroundings in autumn and sakura seasons. I love Japanese people because somehow in someway they are able to find the slight and fragile balance in their life unlike many other people and I really feel luck to be able to witness it from the first hand.

These are some photos I took. Please let me know what you thinking. I am still new about the photography and need more tips


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