What is your biggest nightmare?

This is how I think I look like

I know it is a little bit spooky question to get into writing but please do not freak out. Only purpose is this post to tell you my biggest nightmare. If you are interested please keep reading.

There are times in our life we wish something in order to be able to do other things. Sounds complicated? Let me simplify that for you. Let’s say you wish to have a job, so you can earn money which will be your money. You have all the rights to spend that precious money in any way you like. You can pay your own bills, you can go for grocery shopping, you can go out drink with your friends and even get wasted, you can go on for a holiday(alone or with some one, does not matter. What only matters is that it is your money and you have freedom to spend it), you can buy a new car, stereo system or pink cushions for your lovely bed. When you do not have the money, the possibilities with what you can do if you have it is limitless.  Continue reading


Ain’t No Sunshine when the drummer is gone

I absolutely love this song. I am sure there are tons of out there giving me nods and yes-es. It is such a heart breaking song, you can almost taste the desperation in Bill Withers’s voice.

Every morning as soon as wake up, I would put songs to pump me up some energy for the day. I do not know is there anyone out there who loves the working mornings and not feel a little bit grumpy at all.   Continue reading

Reasonably Ludicrous

Disclaimer: Let it be known that this has nothing to do with my relatives. Those guys are awesome! (Oh, and if you don’t enjoy reading words, click here to skip ahead to the pictorial guide)

It’s that time of year again, when bundles of joy are placed beneath the tree, then later remembered and transferred to their cribs, when mice stop stirring throughout the house in adherence to the laws of Christmas, and when breaking and entering becomes an offense not punishable by jail time, but by milk and cookies.

But when Christmas rolls around, so too do the requisite family gatherings, events which unfortunately involve your family. Most relatives are as pleasant as you are, but if you’ve taken Biology, then you know that genes sometimes do stuff, and in their constant mutation, bad seeds take root, growing eventually into bad apples that fall far from the tree…

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Photo shots of Lola and the Monkey

Let’s meet with Lola. She my friend Lori’s daughter. I can say this with full confident that she is one of the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, she is like a doll. Ohh before I skip, this is the Monkey, which belonged once to Lola’s mom and they were best friends forever. Now it is Lola’s time. Best inheritance ever from mother to the daughter.

Lola cannot go to sleep, eat or play without Mr Monkey and I wanted to show in the photos how much she loves him. I am not a great photographer but so far Lola was the best model I have ever had. Continue reading

Sadako’s Story of Paper Cranes

2 months ago, I finally made my life-long dream come true and went to Hiroshima. When I was younger, it was one of my biggest desire. Because first the reality of what had happened in Hiroshima was so painful and shameful and come to 100 percent realization what actually had happened in there is impossible unless you see it with your own eyes. Second, going to Japan where is so damn far away from my Country was something unimaginably unlikely.

In the end, I was there. My heart was aching and, could not help crying in the museum when I was reading especially Sadako’s story over again. I knew her story. I read the book but still, being in there, front of her photos, the paper cranes which she had been folded with her own hands hit me harder then ever. I tried to write her story myself however I was scared that my tears was going to break my computer. Do not get this as cheating. I am taking  her short story and what happened with paper cranes from wiki. Please read it until the end and know that she was there, this is her story. Continue reading

Times like this…

Art Illustration : Writing Letter To You
Dear Grape,
Hope your last day of workshop went well. I am so proud and happy to be with a guy like you who is strong enough to have dreams, moreover strong enough to chase those dreams. Cannot image more and better than that.

You completely deserved a holiday and pump up surf trip. Hopefully the waves will be better than ever for you. I will make my fingers crossed whole day. I have just spoken with Peach over the Skype. Well just write to each other and she told me what happened between her and Carrot. Seems like there is not any specific reason for them to break-up. Continue reading

Book review: My name is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Name is memory book coverI have gained my momentum to read books. It is not even comparable with good old times but I am happy so far. Recently I have finished reading “My name is Memory” by Ann Brashares who is the author of the sisterhood of the travelling pants.

Before I have start this review I should tell my next 10 minutes after I have finished the last page of the book.(ATTENTION THIS PART CAN BE A LITTLE BIT SPOILER BUT IT IS COMPLETE RESULT OF AN EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION).

I sat on the couch and could not move for about half an hour when I finished the book. It was because that I could not decide whether I should appreciate first 367 pages of the book or curse and swear to the last 2 pages that I have just read. I look at the price tag of the book. Did not really made sense or made me feel guilty since it was in Japanese yen. However I scroll through in my mind that how much effort I had to put to find this book and believe me finding an English book in Tokyo can be really really(!) quite pain in the butty. Continue reading

Some Bike-action Photos

I took this photos few months ago.  Although jumping around with a motorbike does not quite fit in my enjoyment list, it was fun to take photos and watch. Apart from your hearth racing moments of course. Ryan(let me introduce you. He is my BF’s brother) was actually pretty confident and tried his best to give me good shots. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Continue reading

Interior Design Theme Web-Site homepage coded/Free download

Hi guys!

It has been long time a haven’t posted anything in geek stuff in here but good to see that people come here here and there for the other posts. Today I will give you an interior design theme site for free to download. To be honest I am a terrible designer(better with the coding part though) So it was an actually challenge for me to see currently where I am standing with the designing.

I suppose the result is not too bad. I had different variations for this design(not to big deal) Please leave me a short comment about which one do you like most? There is also screenshots of the site if you would like to see before you download them. Continue reading

A Humble Review about “The Help”

The help book movie poster

Recently I have finished reading Kathryn Stockett’s book “The help”. I should admit beginning was quite slow but by the time I was half way through it, I could not drop the book off my hands. About November, I have watched its movie when I visited my friend back in Sri Lanka. Although I did not want to go at all, it was a “I have to do this trip” situation. Considering the fact that I have lived in there for two years, I cannot say there are many warm memories in my mind.

I always prefer books over the movies. if I read a book and watch it afterwards mainly I am disappointed. Somehow they manage to take out all the best parts or simply skip them. The characters are not completely what you pictured in your mind. The scenes are poor sometimes exaggerated. Beside few exceptions every time when I have that disappointment, I am promising myself not to watch a movie that I have read its book. However I can say The Help’s movie was one of those exceptions. I like the movie as well as the book but still go with “book” so I can loose myself in the sweet details, deep messages and full of imagination. Continue reading