Yes I did it again. Joined the madness of True Blood

My dear boyfriend left the country for 2 months. Since it is a holiday for him, no problem at that end at all. Under the normal circumstances, I am cool with that too. I like my own time here and there, being alone at home and do whatever I want to do. However this time it is going bit tougher. Since the time after work is all mine, I decided to catch up with the latest movies and books. There is few things I am trying to avoid as much as I can. One is video games other is TV serious. Feels like I am loosing my control over my life. I am forgetting to eat or washing the dishes, having problem concentrating at work, going to bed really late..etc. I am sure some of you out there knows what I am talking about. It is a very serious matter that I have to be careful about.

Last week, (in a moment of loosing self control) I have started TRUE BLOOD. Never watched it, never heard of it before. One of my friends told me ages ago that she loves the opening of True Blood and it is the most genius thing she has ever watched. I must have kept that information somewhere in my database and yes, from curiosity, I decided to watch only “1 episode”. Oh my sweet God. That is a total trap girls. Do not please fall in it. How come, people can expect from a female to watch that serious and stop it in the middle? Especially if you are alone and your boyfriend is away for 2 months. I have finished 5th season episode 5 yesterday and mourning since then.

To be honest the serious is shit. Especially the first season. The characters are not fit completely. There is a fine line between giving the feeling of who the character is and exaggeration to make it obvious. For instance the main character Sookie was giving me “Oh God this chick is extremely dumb and I want to punch her” feeling. It was also obvious that they were trying to prove that she is a girl who has a nice hearth, innocent, do not know too much about life and dangers out there and everybody loves her and trying to protect her somehow. But seriously, it does not mean that you are a nice person, you also have to be stupid.

Another example is Tara who is Sookie`s best friend. She has an alcoholic mother, who neglected her throughout her life time. Thats why she is aggressive, high-temper and unpredictable person.Fair enough.  But she was also giving me headaches, just keep shouting, yelling, swearing at people all the time. Thanks God, the characters started to act more natural after the second season. Ok up until now was an intellectual comment about the show. Now time for chick style comments. Even though I was so irritated with the show, the only reason I kept watching is because I start to have a big crush on the character Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) who is Sookie`s first lover.  Do not get the impression, I wonder around and fall in for famous people all the time. My last crush was Legolas in the Lord of the Rings. Since then I am pretty stable.

While I was watching the show, I wanted to shout at the screen “Stephen Moyer please be mine”. His voice is killing me and the way he looks. Oh already giving me goosebumps even thinking about him.  Beside being hot and having a rocking body, he is also a great actor. Have I ever mentioned before, I have a very soft spot for British and Scottish accents. It is so masculine, deep, sexy and under control. It is giving me the impression of that as if they are making love with the words while they are talking. Although I loved Stephen Moyer`s original accent more, I reckon the one in the movie is awesome too. I should admit the sex scenes in the show is damn hot. When your dream guy is completely naked on your screen and making love with someone, it is hard to resist  not to keep watching even though you do not like the whole show.

I also noticed there is more Sookie- Eric supporters then Sookie-Bill out there. It is probably thats how ended-up in the books.  They are getting married, he is better for Sookie blah blah. I am not sure the TV Show`s scenario will be loyal to the book though.

Eric is another smoking hot vampire who is also Sookie`s lover. Damn Sookie, I wanna see the tumps up if you also think this is a life time unfairness to give someone 2 bloody hot guy at the same time. They are braking my heart. Honest. But still my vote is with Bill. He is the one who made me watch this damn show.

So girls if you do not want to live with a broken heart, do not watch this show. You most probably will end-up confused and angry feelings that will drill your mind next 72 hours. You will rebel to the God and want to yell, “I want a guy with a six pack and rock hard ass like they have”. Pointless really. Do not be the next victim of True Blood.

Stay Safe and bloody.


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