A Humble Review about “The Help”

The help book movie poster

Recently I have finished reading Kathryn Stockett’s book “The help”. I should admit beginning was quite slow but by the time I was half way through it, I could not drop the book off my hands. About November, I have watched its movie when I visited my friend back in Sri Lanka. Although I did not want to go at all, it was a “I have to do this trip” situation. Considering the fact that I have lived in there for two years, I cannot say there are many warm memories in my mind.

I always prefer books over the movies. if I read a book and watch it afterwards mainly I am disappointed. Somehow they manage to take out all the best parts or simply skip them. The characters are not completely what you pictured in your mind. The scenes are poor sometimes exaggerated. Beside few exceptions every time when I have that disappointment, I am promising myself not to watch a movie that I have read its book. However I can say The Help’s movie was one of those exceptions. I like the movie as well as the book but still go with “book” so I can loose myself in the sweet details, deep messages and full of imagination.

The help tells 1960’s Mississippi and being a black person who works for white family(I am using the book’s language. If I say something offend anybody please be tolerated).A person who looks after their kids, cleans the house, cooks for them yet cannot use the same bathroom, dining table, library, school or hospital. Kathryn Stockett questions these paradoxes and is brave enough to ask the question that has been so neglected and ignored. She is also glamorously reflecting a perspective not just from the eye of a white person, also from them.  It is unlikely not to have feeling that you know all the characters, because a deep observation chance is being given to you throughout the book. You feel warm and close to the people in there. Personally I like description of environment and people in a book, yet I am not Balzac style kill me with 50 pages of information style person. That was the only time I wanted to shot myself from the head when I was reading a book.

The book is full of unique characters within itself. You can not choose which one should be your favorite. Skeeter who is a white girl, lost in her own society, concern about what is going on around as well as brave and determined enough to go forward even the things and people against her. She follows what she believes in which gives you more respect to her page by page. Aibilieen is a maid who serves 37 years for white families and raised their children however her own son got killed few years back. She is the first connection with Skeeter, best friend of Minny who is the other main character in the book. One of my favorite scenes in the book is actually the ones between her and the little white girl Mae Mobley she is looking after. “You is kind, you is smart. You is important.” They are simple but very effective lines which touches to your heart. Minny is a very dominant and strong character. She has 6 kids and an alcoholic husband who beats her all the time. She also involves with the book Skeeter and Aibilieen start writing and actually plays very important role to make it happened. I suppose at the very beginning she involves with their book adventure not because she wants it, but she does not want to leave her best friend alone. She doesn’t trust white people, opposite she has hatred towards them because of the way they treat her whole of her life. Minny is a person who says what she thinks and do what she believes. It is impossible not to like her. I was reading her chapters with a smile on my face.

I do not want to spoiled the book more. All I can say is, it is definitely worth going out there, buy and read it as well as watch it. I somehow feel very attached to this book. Please leave me what you think about the book, if you already read it.

At last, I would like to finish with a line from the book which is also author’s favorite.

Wasn’t that the point of the book? For women to realize, WE are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I’d thought.

Stay Safe and Sound and Warm!!!


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