Book review: My name is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Name is memory book coverI have gained my momentum to read books. It is not even comparable with good old times but I am happy so far. Recently I have finished reading “My name is Memory” by Ann Brashares who is the author of the sisterhood of the travelling pants.

Before I have start this review I should tell my next 10 minutes after I have finished the last page of the book.(ATTENTION THIS PART CAN BE A LITTLE BIT SPOILER BUT IT IS COMPLETE RESULT OF AN EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION).

I sat on the couch and could not move for about half an hour when I finished the book. It was because that I could not decide whether I should appreciate first 367 pages of the book or curse and swear to the last 2 pages that I have just read. I look at the price tag of the book. Did not really made sense or made me feel guilty since it was in Japanese yen. However I scroll through in my mind that how much effort I had to put to find this book and believe me finding an English book in Tokyo can be really really(!) quite pain in the butty.

Anyway this is getting away from being a book review since my butt is involved in this article. The book evolves around a love story but I found the story unbelievably creative and beautifully written until the last 2 pages.  Our guy Daniel has a memory of his lives of last 2000 years. He was born many times in many lives and he dies many times but every time he comes back he remembers it all of his past lives unlike other people. And there is also his eternal love Sophia who comes as Lucy to Daniels life again. As you can guess the main idea of the book is reincarnation. But what makes this book special is how it is written.

Ann Brashares has a very powerful pen which simplifies stories even the complicated ones. She gives the feelings, smells, sounds, touches and senses in there. So you basically feel like being a witness of the story more than a reader. When I was reading the book she took me to North Africa, Constantinople(Istanbul), Pergamum, Cappadocia, Crete-Italy, England and then Virginia. I have traveled through the history and time in the Ancient Cities. Followed Daniel with his different lives and saw his love for Sophia, wished them to be together finally. But there was obstacles and they had to wait for the moment over 2000 years. It was either age difference that was separating them, death of one of them, or other people in their life.

I  have not read her other book “the sisterhood of the travelling pants” but I watched the movie and I am sure it is as good as this book. Again I am repeating that I am not happy at all how the book ended but due to respect of the first part of book, I tried to do my best. Moreover I do not want to be a spoiler of this amazing fiction. You should better get and read it. If you want to be creative about swearing to end you are welcome to drop a comment. I promise I will support you with my whole sensitive and disappointed feelings, well at least I will as best as I can.

Until then Stay safe, sound and warm…



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