Ain’t No Sunshine when the drummer is gone

I absolutely love this song. I am sure there are tons of out there giving me nods and yes-es. It is such a heart breaking song, you can almost taste the desperation in Bill Withers’s voice.

Every morning as soon as wake up, I would put songs to pump me up some energy for the day. I do not know is there anyone out there who loves the working mornings and not feel a little bit grumpy at all.  But I should say I have them a lot. Anyway this is my medicine or you can even call vitamine pills for the mornings. This morning I put “Ain’t no sunshine” on youtube and was trying to make my morning coffee in such a rush, Mumbling the song at the same time with my bird-killer voice, maybe a little bit lauder then usual, since my Bf is not at home(Yey, another reason to be happy). I must have gotten into mood that I can sell thousands of records with that performance, because I also started to put on some small dancing moves with the rhythm.And then….Bamm I hit my knee to the corner of the chair and got tears in my eyes. While I was deciding between the options of keep singing the song or swearing at my very high “how can I damage myself as soon as I wake up” skill, I had a glance at the video and saw HIM.

HIM… yes my holly saver for the day. I started to laugh so hard,all my muscles were hurting, that it felt like I made an hour morning fitness session. Yes, yes I am Talking about the DRUMMER!! Most hilarious person on earth for me, at least today.

Then I saw another thing which increased the decibel of my laughing(would have been very painful for someone if they were there with me this morning). Read the comment. It is a little bit nasty comment for poor Bill when he was begging through the microphone but I could not help giving tumb-up for this one.

Hope this would give you at least a smile, it was almost killing me.

Stay safe, sound and happy!


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