Sexist discrimination of being a geek

sexist discrimination imageHave you ever faced with sexist discrimination at work. Well ok I am going to write this article based on work related sexist discrimination but please be sure that I am also extremely aware,this is very much exist in the daily life of ours. If you know what I am talking about please keep reading it to share my hatred, if no you are either a male who is very much blind to see what is going on out there or you are one of those very few lucky females who haven’t been treated that way YET.

My choice of working area is one regret in my life that I cannot get over. I am a programmer but currently working as a web developer. In more general way I am in the IT business. The day I have graduated and started to look for a job, I realized this and it punched me on the face with it’s all mighty. IT is one of the most sexist area to work in especially if you are dealing with geeky part of it. You would go to job interview and people look at your face with an utterly shock because you have makeup and accessories. You basically look like a normal female those interviewers might actually hit on you in a random pub if they see you. They resist to believe that you are capable of doing geeky things(speak computer language,and discuss latest tech news, write codes and wired in while you are doing it) and look normal at the same time.

Number one mistake, putting makeup on and going to interview.
Number two mistake, not having glasses. yes you must have glasses that has the bottom of the beer pint thickness lenses. You have to show, you actually sacrificed your eyes to be in this business.
Number three mistake, admitting that you have hobbies and friends apart from your iPhone and computer. Stop there… How can you have friends. Ok ok if only via your Facebook account that’s acceptable. You can message with them and poke them here and there, you know even play online games sometimes. Act actually you are cooler than who you are, leave sharp comments that’s going to disturb the other people..etc. But having real friends. OMG that is completely out of question.
geek with the glassesNumber four mistake, laughing at the normal jokes like normal people and not making jokes like “How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb. answer: none it’s a hardware problem haha” kinda jokes and laugh by yourself and then try to explain it to the others with desperate desire
Number five mistake, having (a) travelling experience(s) other than with your parents. Definitely do not admit that. They think you can be a social freak instead of geek freak. How the heck did I find time to learn computer while I actually lived a normal life.

Anyway in order to bring the subject to an end, these reasons might looks like they concerns males too but believe me when they say I have hobbies they become cool and smart guy who knows a lot about computer as well as an attractive normal guy, when I say I have hobbies and friends I become a bitch who is either lying about her knowledge level or daily life. Please do not get the impression I am actually making these thing up.

These are the things I faced, still facing and probably will face rest of my life. There is this common belief, the woman are not capable of involving with computers, and any worst guy can do a better job than any woman out there. For example I am the only woman in my company who is in tech department but not in marketing or HR. Right now, my entire department is in a meeting about a new platform that they would like to use for getting online orders and shipping. Guess what… YUPP except me. I would have like to put a sad face expression at the end of the sentence but I would rather put middle finger(Unfortunately it’s not exist yet.)

Maybe I can sabotage their keyboards and break their shift key. Ha ha ha ah..Ok ok that was really bad geek joke. Sorry. By the way I do not have glasses.YET and I have a red lipstick on if you really want to know.

Stay normal, equal and clean


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