Fifty Shades of Gray about to be read


fifty shades of gray coverLast week I went this stand-up show in Roppongi. They call themselves Tokyo Comedy Club. Although, the place was very hidden thus I missed the first half an hour of the show when I was trying to find the place, the rest of the show was hilarious.

There was one guy especially made me laugh really hard. At one point I could not find my breath and had to choke, thankfully my friend was sitting next to me and was better shape then I was, saved my life with a sharp elbow action on my back.

Anyway, at one point this guy was making fun of a book named “Fifty shades of Gray”. I did not read the book but knew the concept somehow. Hey who would not be interested with sexual content books.

But better part of the story is (what guy was also highlighting) this book read by woman(something like 9 out of 10) than men. he was saying in London Metro you can bump into middle aged woman reading this book and sweating pretty bad and can not dare to get off from the train. Of course today when I went to the book store, I could not stop myself buying this book when I saw it on the self. It’s not that I need extra sexual concept book to push my fantasies. It was simply curiosity… I swear :/

Anyway now I have the book and waiting my time to start it. However I have this bad habit. I would buy a book and after look at the reviews on the internet. I wish I can change it and look at those review before I buy that book. That’s a strange habit that I have to live with it I suppose.

Ok.. Now I want to share with you people’s reviews because I have never seen any book review without sentences and words. People simply posted images and photos in there. These are the best I pick..



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