Fifty Shades of Grey; PERSONAL review


violence makes me hornyOk after I put the title, I wrote a paragraph something sensible about this book, then I had to delete it and start all over again. You know what… It is not working. As you may guess I was quite judgmental when I started to this book, but there was a small hope that I could still find some small literature in it to enjoy at least to get my money back in some aspects. Because I saw so many example in the past that I loved some books and find amusing things in it despite from other people’s bitching and banging.

Many people would wish to beat other people’s opinion deep down inside and argue against all those voices sometimes. However this time I am joining to the crowded team and want to scream “HOW COME SOMEONE ENJOY TO HAVE SEX THIS MUCH AND IN THIS LEVEL??!!”.

Although I enjoy more with erotic scenes in a book then porns(opss, I guess this part is quite personal declaration), this book wanted me to gag after half way though it. After a while, I just wanted to read something not involve with penetrating, or punishing, ordering or obeying. Everyone likes to dream of awesome and regular sex life, to be with handsome beautiful person in a fairy tale version but lets be honest with each other. When I was reading the book, The smoking hot, greek-god looking, super duper rich SEO Mr Grey, constantly wants to have sex and punish me in every way, controlling my life, friends, work-life personality, ordering me how to eat, drink, dress, look, talk and even gesture… I–igghhhh. That definitely did not turn me on. I do not know what is your fairy tale prince/princess model description but the both characters in this book; Grey and Ana was pushing my disgust boundaries.

Apart from being in love and like each other, for me RESPECT is the most important aspect in a relationship(including friendship). The book was missing this reality and introducing the interaction between two people with a level I am not familiar with(and I do not want to be familiar rest of my life…). Of course there was times in my past that I let people into my life who tried to change me and did not care who I was. Thus In a most painful way, I have learned that this is the biggest mistake I could ever done to myself. It is true, you cannot control who you may fall in love with but I strongly believe in that people has to have control over their choice and decisions about their life. Yes it is not alway easy to make these decisions but the secret recipe that I can give it to you would be respecting yourself first when you are deciding what to do and what you should do.

The character in the book, Ana (in my opinion), weak, stupid, characterless woman. The book tries to show her someone whose got senses and logic. Unfortunately, she is none of them. God forbid, I wish to be in her shoes. I do not know you guys, is there anyone out there who wanted to be her when they were reading this book but I would run on my heels if I meet with such a person. I guess most disgusting thing about this book was the contract and the rules part that was keep coming. Seriously? would you really have sex with someone who is bringing up a contract to sign up to you to be his legal slave and offering you the rules that are sort of negotiable? Would you be with someone who say “I dont make love, I fuck… I fuck hard”(sorry for this but it is just a quote from the book). Imagine you are a virgin and some guy is telling you this just before you will have your first experience. In my book Ana is a stupid bitch who does not have any brain in her skull that is capable of functioning.

I am sorry if my sentences are really harsh but I strongly believe woman can do better than this. And I am against that this is the given picture of nowadays’ fairy tale for the woman. Rich, handsome, control freak, sadist, dominant, pervert and sex machine. What is the point of this book? As long as someone is rich and good looking does not matter who they are!! They can posses any bad habits and you will be their slave.

Ok I will end my hatred for this book in here. Maybe I am looking at this point in a very narrow aspect but please share with me what do you think about this whole issue.

Stay respected, free and confident





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