Suddenly someone from past can make you cry

lovers cartoon

I am at work on Friday. It is just after lunch time. Every possible condition that I am in is screaming at me right now to sweep everything on the table with the back of my hand, crawl on the table and go to sleep in a fetus position. Let me think again… Yes yes the idea is becoming more and more charming in every second.

unusually it is a quite Friday, not the ones that I have to hit my head on my computer ‘s screen and worry about, how will I finish all these work by the end of that day.

Let me tell you something. One of the most dangerous moment in a woman’s life is being drunk in the miserable times of our lives and the second most dangerous is being bored and tired and don’t have anything better to do. Continue reading


Welcome Back

Cartoon-Happy-New-Year-2013-1024x768Happy new year everyone! It has been a while that I actually posted anything. But it is indeed nice to be back.

I always find the beginning of a new year quite though. It is not because of the outside conditions but the enforcement of personal rules. Almost everyone expects from a new year to bring a miracle to their life. A change, a chance maybe a little bit good luck in some aspects. Some people puts resolutions to push the limits and try to make their own change in their life.Although trying to change your life in a good direction is something admirable, I cannot help to think that it can be quite tricky. When the ticking clock moves from 00 to 01 I will change this in my life paradigm. Continue reading