Push Button with Active state – Free Download

push button free download

You can download this push button for free. It has been coded with SASS. Let me know your thoughts.

Photoshop version credit goes for: Marian Mraz

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Toolbar – Free Download

You can download this toolbar for free. It has been coded with SASS. Let me know your thoughts.

Photoshop version credit goes for: Roman Bulah

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The Journey of going free and lance

After not being able to write for months now I realize that blogging actually takes a lot of determination. It is not only the time issue but dedication of sharing your every moment with world. Actually once you make it a habit, it becomes part of your life and need. If you start a new journey like I did and go with the current you might find yourself not touching your blog for ages.

Anyway here I am ready to share what has been happening in my life. In March I have decided to take a radical move and quit my job. The reason can be categorised as common or personal, its up to you. Being a woman in the IT world, especially being a woman as a programmer in IT world can be tough. People look at you with the eyes of “oh not so many potential” or “you might brake your nails when you are tying hon”. So in my previous company I had to work with this very small, young and determined boys who never worked with a woman in fact I figured it out they were not comfortable with my presence    at all. Whereas my expectation of working with a small team was intimacy and friendship. Being able to a team and making decision as being part of a team.

The treatment I received was complete opposite. I did not get good mornings, have a good days, “hey are you up for a beers” or “what do you thing about this, should we do it like thats”. I have received emails from the guy who sits 1 meter away from me saying “Do this job..” instead of turning and having a one simple sentence with me.

Do not put this into the emotional scene in a professional life. I simply wanted to be treated as a professional and a person who deserved to put an opinion about the workflow. After couple of months expecting for a change, I have given up and said myself I am done with this.

Now I am trying to stood on my feet as a freelance web developer who is trying to make a living. Recently I have launched my portfolio site hoping it would be handy at one point. Please check out the link and let me know what do you think. I will share the rest of the journey soon(hopefully not in a couple of months period again)


Stay confident, happy and positive

Sexist discrimination of being a geek

sexist discrimination imageHave you ever faced with sexist discrimination at work. Well ok I am going to write this article based on work related sexist discrimination but please be sure that I am also extremely aware,this is very much exist in the daily life of ours. If you know what I am talking about please keep reading it to share my hatred, if no you are either a male who is very much blind to see what is going on out there or you are one of those very few lucky females who haven’t been treated that way YET. Continue reading

Interior Design Theme Web-Site homepage coded/Free download

Hi guys!

It has been long time a haven’t posted anything in geek stuff in here but good to see that people come here here and there for the other posts. Today I will give you an interior design theme site for free to download. To be honest I am a terrible designer(better with the coding part though) So it was an actually challenge for me to see currently where I am standing with the designing.

I suppose the result is not too bad. I had different variations for this design(not to big deal) Please leave me a short comment about which one do you like most? There is also screenshots of the site if you would like to see before you download them. Continue reading

How to start with Nginx

Nginx logoBefore you start reading this, I would like to warn you about that I am not going to give to very technical background. I only want to talk about my humble experience with nginx.

A month ago, my boss asked me to learn nginx which I had no clue what it was. Actually he told me “You gotta better learn this as soon as possible. I super do not care how you do it and I am not going to baby sit for you or hold your hand. Because a real programmer have to learn this shit. If you can not you should better quit while you have a chance”. Yes that was the exact sentence. Of course I was desperate and freaked out, started studying immediately.
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