The biggest protest in canadian history

This can make your day. Have a little smile 🙂the biggest protest in canadian history


Tokyo-Genso’s amazing art: Japan illustrations

Shinjuku Station


Before I start, I should say, I took this images from . I was so impressed that I felt like I had to publish them on my site too. I only took some, the ones I really liked but if you want to see more you can go gakuranman’s site.

The guy who created these illustrations,tokyo-genso’s site can be also accessed from this link.

These are one of the best and breathtaking lillustratiuons. So detailed, realistic and above the dreamy. Enjoy and leave a comment if you are as impressed as I am.


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Photo shots of Lola and the Monkey

Let’s meet with Lola. She my friend Lori’s daughter. I can say this with full confident that she is one of the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, she is like a doll. Ohh before I skip, this is the Monkey, which belonged once to Lola’s mom and they were best friends forever. Now it is Lola’s time. Best inheritance ever from mother to the daughter.

Lola cannot go to sleep, eat or play without Mr Monkey and I wanted to show in the photos how much she loves him. I am not a great photographer but so far Lola was the best model I have ever had. Continue reading

Some Bike-action Photos

I took this photos few months ago.  Although jumping around with a motorbike does not quite fit in my enjoyment list, it was fun to take photos and watch. Apart from your hearth racing moments of course. Ryan(let me introduce you. He is my BF’s brother) was actually pretty confident and tried his best to give me good shots. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Continue reading

I love living in Japan – part1

Yeah maybe never mentioned before but I live in Japan and I absolutely love here. Japan is a special place on earth, that holds its unique spirit stronger than any other nation or country. From the first day I came here up until now, it still mesmerizing me somehow, whereas you would expect to get used to living in here and the facts after 2 years later right!!? No… every single day it adds up the appreciation of being able to live in here.
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Photos from Australia

I am not a great photographer but really enjoyed to freeze the moment in my lens. Last year I bought a Nikon 3100 and really happy with my choice. These are the photos from my Australia trip last Xmas. I actually never shared them, because I took them while I was making this web site for Tostaree Cottages. Continue reading