Curious about me?

I am a web developer and programmer who wants to be a game developer (one day!). I love books, photography, travelling, Japan and especially bitching about myself. I used to love writing however since my mom’s most favorite hobby became, “let’s find my daughter diary,stories,whatever private thing she has and have a awesome time with them”, I quit writing since I was 17. I have not even written any sticky notes since then up until now. So one day this urge feeling about writing again came up. Regardless of my old fear about my mum, the internet is the safest spot for me away from her. It will take a time for her to find out this blog, since she just introduced herself like button on facebook and push me to become friends with her couple of months ago. So, I am pretty confident her knowledge with internet and technology might slow her down a bit.

Thanks for dropping of my site by the way. If you have a time look at the old posts and leave a comment. It is nice to meet with people who is got same passion and interests with me. Drop your blog or sites address anywhere you want. Sharing is Caring… Not too much tough :/

If you want to contribute the site, send whatever you want. I will be happy to publish them(wow sounds fancy saying this way). Last, if you also have such a mother like mine, you should know there is always a shoulder in here you can cry on 🙂

email address:

Stay Safe, sound, happy and tipsy


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