Welcome Back

Cartoon-Happy-New-Year-2013-1024x768Happy new year everyone! It has been a while that I actually posted anything. But it is indeed nice to be back.

I always find the beginning of a new year quite though. It is not because of the outside conditions but the enforcement of personal rules. Almost everyone expects from a new year to bring a miracle to their life. A change, a chance maybe a little bit good luck in some aspects. Some people puts resolutions to push the limits and try to make their own change in their life.Although trying to change your life in a good direction is something admirable, I cannot help to think that it can be quite tricky. When the ticking clock moves from 00 to 01 I will change this in my life paradigm. Continue reading


Another I quit smoking story

smoking woman

I know the title probably boring if you are a person who never smoked. However if you ever touch that shit(!) you know what I am talking about. Whatever I am going to tell in here, is simply going to be very short story of  what I have been going through. It will never reach the limit of describing complete comprehension of what exactly I felt and feeling. But at he end this is a blog I write as a diary so you are free go click on the x button to close this window and wonder around there for another story or keep reading my craps. Continue reading

Red Lipstick Incident


Last Sunday, after spending my whole weekend nerding front of the computer but not achieving that much thing, I felt like I had to get out and do something. My bf told me our friend invited us to watch football(yeah again!) in the pub. Because of my “I have to get out of the house” situation, I have accepted. We actually had a nice  walk to the pub, chat random stuff and enjoyed the nice, warm weather. When we get there, I realized that the pub was packed(I mean packed. Like morning commute trains). They were also charging 30 bucks to “get in” there. Continue reading