What is your biggest nightmare?

This is how I think I look like

I know it is a little bit spooky question to get into writing but please do not freak out. Only purpose is this post to tell you my biggest nightmare. If you are interested please keep reading.

There are times in our life we wish something in order to be able to do other things. Sounds complicated? Let me simplify that for you. Let’s say you wish to have a job, so you can earn money which will be your money. You have all the rights to spend that precious money in any way you like. You can pay your own bills, you can go for grocery shopping, you can go out drink with your friends and even get wasted, you can go on for a holiday(alone or with some one, does not matter. What only matters is that it is your money and you have freedom to spend it), you can buy a new car,¬†stereo system or pink cushions for your lovely bed. When you do not have the money, the possibilities with what you can do if you have it is limitless.¬† Continue reading